Dr Elena Beratarbide
Head of Information Assurance and Risk
Digital Health and Care Directorate - The Scottish Government
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Paul Duffy
Director of NICS Enterprise Shared Services
Department of Finance, Government of Northern Ireland
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Nigel Gibbons
Director Partner
NCC Group
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John McGowan
Regional Sales Manager - Scottish Public Sector
Palo Alto
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Alastair Brian
Fact-Check Lead
The Ferret
Geoff Riddington
Retired Economist
Formerly Glasgow Caledonian and Glasgow University | GRID Economics
Saj Sharif
Founder and CEO
Zen Consultants
Shona Struthers
Chief Executive
Colleges Scotland
Gordon McGuinness
Director of Industry and Enterprise Networks
Skills Development Scotland
Duncan Gardner
Social Impact Manager, Central Scotland
Balfour Beatty
Event Search