Reimagining Scotland’s Cities | Scotland: The Recovery

Scotland’s cities have faced unprecedented disruption as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Yet the pandemic has also created space to reimagine our cities, and what they offer residents and the nation.  

Cities across the globe have leveraged the disruption of the pandemic to implement transformative approaches to city management.  

Closer to home, the Scottish Government’s recent Programme for Government signalled an ambition to rethink Scotland’s cities and deliver a place-based agenda that supports efforts to tackle the climate emergency and support a wellbeing economy.  

So how can Scotland fulfil this ambition, drawing on best practice from cities across the world?  

Join Holyrood Communications as we seek to answer this question across two days of exciting discussion, featuring key policymakers and thought leaders from across Scotland and further afield.

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    This event is part of our Scotland: The Recovery series