COVID-19 Response

The future of events looks different than it did before COVID-19 

The last year forced us to change the way we run our eventsSince March 2020, all Holyrood Events have been run online, with our team gaining a host of new skills and insight into new ways of working. Feedback from our online events has been very positive and we are continually improving the experience for delegates and sponsors. 

Now we’re tentatively preparing for the future. As well as developing engaging and interactive virtual and hybrid experiences, we’re getting ready for when we next see each other in person. 

The safety and comfort of delegates will be at the heart of our planning, and we hope to retain aspects of virtual events that people have enjoyed – such as delivering hybrid events for those unable to travel – and including online formats to our calendar of events.   

The Holyrood Events roadmap has a return to some in-person event from February 2022 onwards but for the majority of our 2021/2022 calendar to be delivered online.   

As we develop our plans and thinking, it’s important for us to understand how confident you are in returning to in-person events as we move out of lockdown.   

2021 Pulse Survey Results on delegate confidence to returning to in-person events  

Our pulse survey ran in June 2021 and received 604 responses. You can view the full survey results here.

Event FAQ 

Last Update: December 2021

This FAQ will be updated regularly taking into account the responses to our survey and the current public health guidance and emerging research.  If you have a question that isn’t answered below, please contact  

We ask that if you – or any member of your household – have any COVID-19 symptoms you do not attend our in-person events and self-isolate in line with public health guidance.  

Timeline for return to in-person events 

Our return to in-person events will follow public health guidance and the progress made against the Scottish Government’s route map out of lock down.  Pending this, we plan to resume in-person events as of January 2022.  Our 2021/2022 calendar of events will largely be delivered online.  

Track and trace 

All registration data will be kept as usual in accordance with the Holyrood Event Privacy Notice.   If requested by public health professionals, basic information – name, organisation, contact details – will be shared.  We will communicate with anyone whose details we have provided. We will also follow Government guidance regulations related to the need for proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test, as these become clearer. 


We will only contract and work with venues that have detailed plans in place to mitigate COVID-19.  This includes, but is not limited to, social distancing within events and between events, catering and the serving of food and drink, hand sanitiser provision, employee PPE and increased cleaning schedules. 


Letting fresh air into indoor spaces can help remove air that contains virus particles and prevent the spread of COVID-19. We will ensure any event venue has thorough ventilation in all spaces.

Delegate caps 

All in-person events that return will have delegate caps.  These caps will be set after reviewing the latest advice from the Scottish Government; analysing the responses to our survey; and assessing the size of the room at the venue.  You will be informed of the delegate cap when registering for the event. 

Event format 

We will make changes to the format of our events – including but not limited to – the timing of the event to avoid peak travel times, room layout and agenda structure.  We will also launch contactless registration, paperless agendas and delegate handouts. 

Hand hygiene 

In addition to the hand sanitiser provided by the venue, we will also have hand sanitiser stations at different points throughout the venue.  Every delegate will also receive a personal supply of hand sanitiser at the start of the event. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 

Holyrood Events staff will be equipped with the PPE needed to interact and help you during the event and all events will follow the latest guidance and regulations in relation to delegate PPE.
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