Beverly Bowles

As the Head of Cyber for ScotlandIS, Bev’s role involves developing initiatives aimed at fostering growth and innovation, addressing challenges posed by the dynamic cyber threat landscape and cultivating the skills pipeline within Scotland’s cybersecurity industry, playing the role of facilitator between, industry, academia and public sector.

Bev initially joined the ScotlandIS team to lead the IT Manages Service Provider Programme which aimed to create a network within this community that actively shares best practices and lessons learned. The culmination of this effort was the launch of the ScotlandIS ITMSP Best Practice Charter on September 28th, demonstrating a commitment to elevating standards and fortifying cyber resilience throughout the supply chain.

Before her role at ScotlandIS, Bev served as a police officer for 28 years, in front line and community roles. She contributed significantly to the role of the cybercrime harm prevention team and played a crucial part in implementing Police Scotland’s Cyber Strategy through the “Policing in a Digital World” programme. This transition underscores her adaptability and commitment to positioning Scotland at the forefront of global cybersecurity endeavours.

Beverly Bowles
Head of Cyber
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