Mark Cunningham-Dickie

Mark Cunningham-Dickie is the Cyber Incident Response Team Lead for Quorum Cyber. As well as leading technical specialists and organisations through the fallout from a cyber incident, Mark also helps companies develop Cyber Incident Response Plans and Playbooks specific to their environment. Should the worst happen, recovery is far quicker, and the impact to the organisation minimised. To ensure that these plans are effective, Mark runs gamified Cyber Exercises designed to test and challenge the organisation’s response, departments and individuals when faced with an incident.

Amongst his qualifications, Mark has a BSc (Hons) Computer Science, PG Cert forensics, MSc Advanced Security & Digital Forensics (Distinction and Class Medal) and, is a Certified Ethical Hacker.

Mark Cunningham-Dickie
Senior Incident Responder
  • Organisation
    Quorum Cyber