Building Scotland’s 20 Minute Neighbourhoods

The Scottish Government’s recently announced budget commits to an initial investment of £55m within 2021/2022 to support the development of place-based initiatives. The 20 Minute Neighbourhood was the most prominent of these initiatives. The 20 Minute Neighbourhood is a concept in which people can meet all their daily needs within a 20-minute walk from their home, incorporating solutions to a range of problems such as the climate emergency, health inequality and the decline of town centres. It has gained significant traction throughout the course of COVID-19 pandemic, inspiring cities across the globe to reform their approach to city planning.

What does the 20 Minute Neighbourhood mean for Scotland? How does it differ from previous place-based initiatives? What must be done to ensure that change is delivered?

Join Holyrood as we answer these questions, drawing on expertise from across the globe.

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