Delivering Scotland’s Next Generation Smart Hospitals

Vocera Webinar

The last 12 months have seen a rapid deployment of digital solutions within hospitals, as Scotland’s health and social care sector has looked for solutions to the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic.

Scotland’s health and social care system is likely to face similar pressures in the years ahead, with a combination of changing demographics and limited financial resources necessitating urgent solutions.

The Scottish Government’s expected Digital Health and Social Care strategy is likely to reaffirm the central role of technology in driving this new era of healthcare.

One approach is likely to rely on the digital transformation of hospitals across Scotland. Indeed, University Hospital Monklands has recently approved a site for Scotland’s first purpose built digital hospital – drawing inspiration from existing facilities in Toronto and Baltimore.

So what can be done in the short term to kickstart digital transformation across Scotland’s hospital estate, and ensure staff and service users across the country can benefit?

Watch Holyrood and Vocera’s on demand webinar where we sought to answer this vital question through a panel discussion featuring experts in Scotland and further afield.

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