Nobody Left Behind: Promoting Digital Inclusion and Participation Across Scotland

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With the COVID-19 pandemic making face-to-face interaction difficult, digital, and online solutions have played an increasingly large role in society. From virtual learning and GP appointments, online socialising to track and trace, digital solutions have kept many of us going. 

Yet for many in society these solutions have been out of reach, with the pandemic exacerbating the impact of existing inequalities that leave many digitally excluded. 

With the importance of digital only likely to grow in the months and years ahead, it is vital that all elements of society have the means to thrive online. 

In light of this fact the Scottish Government has put digital inclusion and participation at the heart of its newly released Digital Strategy. 

Join Holyrood Events as we examine the Scottish Government’s proposals and discuss what else we can learn from grassroots initiatives in Scotland and further afield when it comes to ending digital exclusion. 

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Angela Siefer
National Digital Inclusion Alliance
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Adam Stachura
Age Scotland
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Amanda Britain
Communications Consumer Panel
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Katy McNeil
Scottish Government
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Lindsey Henderson
Scottish Library and Information Council
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Adam Lang
Nesta Scotland
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Meg Thomas
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Michael McLaughlin
Housing Associations Charitable Trust
Aaron Slater
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Iqbal Bedi
Intelligens Consulting
Alan Lees

Our opening session will set the context for the day and demonstrate the impact of the pandemic in exacerbating existing inequalities relating to digital participation across Scotland.

The Scottish Government’s recently published digital strategy promises that nobody will be left behind when it comes to getting online and accessing the benefits of digital technology. In this session we will hear from representatives of groups most affected by digital exclusion on the changes they would like to see in improving digital inclusion.

Digital exclusion is typically a result of a lack of skills, equipment, or connectivity. Our third session will examine each of these issues in detail, and include latest thinking on how they can be overcome at a societal level

In this session we will delve deeper and hear from three grassroots initiatives drawn from Scotland and further on afield on how they have developed projects for tackling digital exclusion and increasing participation.

Our final session will tie together the themes of the day and outline how the Scottish Government plans to make Scotland a place where everyone can thrive online.

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