Public Sector Cloud Services, Infrastructure and AI 2024

Holyrood Connect’s sixth annual Public Sector Cloud Services Conference returns to Dynamic Earth in central Edinburgh on 24 September 2024.

The Scottish Government recently launched its new Cloud Platform Service for the public sector. This conference will provide a  opportunity for public sector organisations across Scotland to reflect on where they stand in their own cloud migration and explore future strategies for the whole sector.

Through a variety of interactive session formats, our revamped conference will delve into the progress made within the Scottish public sector, the complexities found as cloud journeys advance, and what the future might hold as we embrace Cloud and Artificial Intelligence.

The event will act as a premier opportunity for public sector professionals in Scotland to connect in person, learn and exchange ideas.

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This event is free to attend for those working in the public and third sectors. Limited spaces are available for private sector attendees. If you wish to be added to the waiting list, please email and we will notify you if a place becomes available.

We have all heard of Cloud, but do we truly understand what opportunities and pitfalls it presents? This session will delve into:

- Is cloud the right solution for your organisation?

- Cloud rationalisation – what do we need in order to migrate or modernise each asset for the Cloud?

- Cloud infrastructures and third-party cloud services

Our panellists will explore the steps we need to take to put the necessary infrastructure in place (including hardware, abstracted resources, storage, and network resources) to enable AI and Cloud to be integrated and work together. They will delve into the benefits this can bring for public sector organisations, and how emerging technologies such as generative AI (e.g. Microsoft Copilot) can in turn help us to enhance productivity, efficiency, security, and access to data.

Many public sector organisations are using legacy systems, which may no longer provide sufficient security measures. They may also lack sufficient back-up capabilities, which are essential to recovery in the event of a cyber-attack.

Find out how migrating to the cloud can enhance your organisation’s security.


Emerging technologies such as AI and Cloud are becoming more mainstream across the public sector, presenting great opportunities, but also the potential for even bigger challenges, such as putting jobs at risk. We will discuss how public sector organisations can manage change effectively, involving people through learning and leadership and creating positive outcomes.

Hear a real-life example of cloud transformation within the public sector and the valuable lessons learnt.

This session will shine a light on the options which are available for public sector organisations where Cloud may not be a viable solution for things like data processing and storage. Hear about:

- On-premise hosting

- Edge and fog computing

- Hybrid VS public cloud

- Virtual Private Networks (VPN) & virtual desktop infrastructures

- Decentralised storage solutions

Dr. Raul V. Rodriguez
Vice President
Woxsen University
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John Fitzgerald
Digital Evolution Manager
Alison McLaughlin
Digital Transformation Strategist

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