Alyson Scurfield

Alyson Scurfield Headshot

Alyson Scurfield, as Chief Executive of the TEC Services Association (TSA) and its subsidiary, TEC Quality, brings a thoughtful and collaborative approach to service transformation, delivery, and business progression within the digital health and care sector.

With a career punctuated by influential leadership roles, Alyson has set laudable service quality benchmarks, not just on British shores, but extending her influence across Europe with TEC Quality and UKAS. Her advocacy doesn’t stop there. As the esteemed Chair at AgeUK North Tyneside, she’s at the forefront of dialogues on inclusive and dignified ageing.

Championing co-production, Alyson’s approach is distinctively collaborative, ensuring all stakeholders have a voice. This philosophy places people, their families, and carers at the core, enabling personalised outcomes that resonate deeply with individual needs and aspirations.

Guiding the ambitious 2025 vision for TSA, Alyson is unwavering in her pursuit to explore fresh avenues for the TEC sector, with a keen eye on holistic wellbeing. Her passion for technology as a catalyst for transformative care is palpable, as she steers the industry towards quality, safety, continuous enhancement, and co-creation.

Her aspirations for TSA are both clear and grand: a seamless integration of health, housing, and social care, underpinned by universal accessibility, irrespective of one’s health, financial standing, or location.

In her strategic roles, Alyson chairs the TEC Action Alliance, working closely with DHSC, the LGA, and other key bodies. Central to her approach is the commitment to placing people’s voices at the heart of service transformation, ensuring that the lived experiences guide and enrich the evolution of integrated health and care systems. This dedication not only supports the foundational tenets of Integrated Care Boards (ICB) but also aligns with the integrated systems in home nations, ultimately aiming to enhance the quality of life for all.

Alyson Scurfield
Chief Executive Officer