Connor Wareham

Connor is Account Director for the eCase service. Working directly with FOI practitioners as part of the team dedicated to helping eCase customers realise maximum value from their investment.

eCase is the correspondence case management service relied on by the UK public sector. It is the proven, most scalable and comprehensive service of its type available. Addressing the needs of all public sector organisations, regardless of size. It has been widely adopted due to its intuitive and easy-to-use technology. However, eCase goes beyond just that and offers a complete service that ensures successful implementation, delivers industry leading best practices, improved performance & compliance and net highest value from your investment.

Local Authorities, Police forces DWP, HMRC, MOD, DEFRA & HM Treasury all use eCase for managing FOIs, EIRs, SARs, Complaints, PQs and MCs.

Connor Wareham
Account Director
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