Eilidh McLaughlin

Eilidh McLaughlin took up the position of Head of the Digital Citizen Division in Scottish Government in April 2022. The Division is new within the Digital Directorate and covers the Connecting Scotland programme and the Ethical Digital Nation team. It also comprises Information Management and Assurance teams, thus considering digital citizenry from an internal and external perspective. This role combines Eilidh’s previous experience in corporate governance, equalities and information management. The ethos of the Division is to make sure that No One is Left Behind and to ensure that digital work is done in an ethical, inclusive way.

Previously, Eilidh was the Associate Director, Information Security and Governance in mid-January 2020, combining previous information security and information governance teams from separate parts of NHS National Services Scotland. The team led on ensuring the integrity of the IT estate and the quality and security of service across critical business systems to stay ahead of threats, internal and external as well as maintaining a strong confidentiality and privacy ethos to all work in NSS. The team was pivotal in relation to the digital covid response work.

Eilidh McLaughlin
Head of Digital Citizen Division
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