Mark Hanson

Mark Hanson is Commercial Director at Logicomms.

In the last few years Mark has invested in an early-stage telecoms business, Logicomms and was appointed Commercial Director to drive growth in both telecoms and IT.

This has given him a great deal of understanding relating to the Telecoms and IT commercial opportunities as well as insight into some of the specific connectivity challenges faced by Scotland.

He career has spanned working for M Squared, as Sales and Marketing Director then Chief Operating Officer. Working with some of the greatest minds, in science around the world in laser and quantum engineering space. He helped academics achieve world first results as well as begin to derive commercial potential from this nascent technology.

Mark’s formal training was as an Electronic Engineer having studied to MEng level at Glasgow University, sponsored by the high-end audio company, Linn Products. After graduation he enjoyed 12 years working across different business disciplines including, Project Manager for new product introduction in Scotland and Asia. Heading up procurement. Setting up and running a new business unit in collaboration with 3M Corp in the United States for the creation of IOT devices and open-source operating system. Then running sales, driving growth through a global network of independent retailers and distributors.

Mark Hanson
Vice Chair