Delivering Safer, Energy Efficient Homes: Tech, Innovation & Engagement

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The average household emits over 3 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year – the equivalent of three flights between Edinburgh and New York.

Now available on demand, watch Holyrood and Aico’s webinar that focused on how we can deliver the safe and energy efficient homes that are needed in Scotland.

With contributions from Lesley Baird, Chief Executive TPAS Scotland, John Blackwood, CEO Scottish Association of Landlords, and Tina Mistry, Relationship Manager, Aico, and more.

The Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing post-2020 (EESSH2) is one of the key ways in which the Scottish Government will create greener social homes, reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions and tackle fuel poverty, as part of Scotland’s ambitious 2045 climate change targets.

But more can be done, across all tenures.

Watch this important discussion on:

  • Improving Housing Stock: What more can be done to accelerate plans for retrofitting existing homes, whilst simultaneously enhancing the energy performance of new builds?
  • Engagement: How can we ensure that residents, homeowners and industry understand the personal and environmental benefits of energy efficient homes?
  • Finance: With significant costs involved, how do we support individuals and organisations to finance these projects?
  • Technology: How do we ensure that residents understand the role technology can play in supporting home safety and efficiency, and sustain behavioural change?

Find out more about Aico and their work in Scotland by taking a look at their recent articles on the Holyrood website:

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Join Holyrood on 3rd March 2022 for Improving the Energy Efficiency of Scotland’s Homes event where we will consider how we can best monitor the energy efficiency of people’s homes; retrofit existing homes; enhance the energy performance of new builds; and capitalise on opportunities from technology. Click here to find out more.

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