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In the run up to the parliamentary election, Holyrood’s Scottish Education Hustings featured contributions from representatives working across Scotland’s political spectrum.

From early years to higher education, the pandemic has hit every level of our education system hard. Students and staff have adapted to online learning, cancelled exams and limited face-to-face interaction. 

Prior to the pandemic, our education system was facing a poverty-related attainment gap. Students from deprived areas less likely to succeed in school. COVID-19 has placed multiple additional pressures on the system. However, our recovery from the pandemic could present an opportunity to change the way we support learning that would have positive outcomes for the education system.

Over the coming months there will be significant focus on how we can mitigate the disruption caused. There will also be discussions about the role of education in our country’s economic recovery, through retraining and upskilling.  

In the weeks before the parliamentary election, Holyrood’s Scottish Education Hustings discussed these important issues and more. Representatives from across the political spectrum outlined their priorities for skills and education in Scotland. Together, we explored what the future of Scottish education could, and should, look like. 

Event Chair: Chris Marshall, Deputy Editor, Holyrood Magazine

Holyrood’s Scottish Election Hustings

Hustings are non-partisan events that bring electoral candidates together before an election. We don’t often get the opportunity to directly address our political representatives. These hustings provided an opportunity to raise the issues that matter to you on the subjects covered, at a crucial time for every political party.

Holyrood’s Hustings were an opportunity to hear candidates from Scotland’s main political parties discuss the challenges ahead and outline their party priorities. Holyrood also hosted Health, Environment and Finance hustings.

Beatrice Wishart
Scottish Liberal Democrats
Clare Adamson
Ross Greer
Scottish Greens
Chris Marshall
Holyrood Magazine
Michael Marra MSP
Scottish Labour
Jamie Greene
Scottish Conservatives

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    This event is part of our 2021 Election Hustings