The State of the State: How a Decade of Change can Inform Scotland’s Future

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In the last decade, Scotland’s public services have had to adapt and react to austerity, Scottish independence and EU referendums, and the coronavirus pandemic. In tandem with these seismic events, Deloitte and Reform have tracked and analysed changes through The State of the State report. Since 2012, this unique report has combined detailed analysis of government data with opinions from the public sector’s most senior leaders and citizens from across the UK to explore the key issues and trends that matter.

In this webinar, we brought together senior leaders who have worked – or are working – on public service reform in Scotland to draw on the lessons and insights from a decade of The State of the State report. We asked what those working in leadership roles can learn from the last decade to help them shape the next crucial ten years of public services. These lessons are essential as we pursue critical statutory targets on net-zero, post-pandemic recovery, and upskilling the population in the face of a fourth industrial revolution.

We explored the key themes of public service reform, including:

• Delivering a new economic settlement for Scotland’s citizens
• Creating a workforce for the future
• The post-pandemic future of Scotland’s health and social care

As we explored these topics, we asked: what has created change in the last decade, and how can leaders continue to drive change, learning lessons from the past while keeping their eyes securely on the future?

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