Delivering a Just Transition to Net-Zero in Scotland

In the aftermath of COP 21, in Paris, in 2015, there have been issues centring on delivery – namely some nation-states signing up to pledges they ultimately have not delivered on. This event will take place, post-COP 26 and will focus unashamedly on delivery. In drawing together the themes of our year-long Climate Emergency Series, it will focus on how we practically and tangibly deliver net-zero via a Just Transition, where the emphasis and consensus of Scottish policy, and those who make it, has laudably been to-date.

In line with the spirit of just transition itself, the event aimed to ensure that ‘no-one is left behind’ – that we take an inclusive and multi-sectoral approach in trying to feature as many stakeholder perspectives in interesting and dynamic discussions as possible. The event analysed how we ‘take people with us’; regulate the market to ensure new injustices don’t arise as a result of transition but ensure we still provide enough space to stimulate innovation that will drive the change. We also looked at how policymakers foster the collaborative approach necessary to deliver a meaningful transition and also use it as an opportunity to strengthen and empower local communities. In addition to sectoral case studies, we looked at one of the key messages of the Just Transition Commissions report – ensuring people are able to make the most of the transition through our education and skills system and we also discussed how the transition will be financed.

Holyrood COP26 Fringe Festival

Holyrood’s COP26 Fringe events took place over 4 days (Wed 3rd – Sat 6th November) in the centre of Glasgow, with each day exploring a different theme. You can now watch all of Holyrood’s COP26 Fringe Festival for free here.

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      15 Dec 2021 9:30 am
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      15 Dec 2021 3:30 pm
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