Scottish Finance Hustings | Holyrood and Scottish Financial Enterprise

In the run up to the parliamentary election, Holyrood and Scottish Financial Enterprise’s Scottish Finance Hustings featured contributions from representatives working across Scotland’s political spectrum.

Scotland is home to one of Europe’s leading financial services centres. It has gained international recognition as the UK’s largest financial sector outside of London.

As a result of our highly adaptable and skilled workforce, a number of global companies have invested in Scotland. This has made the finance sector a major source of jobs. It makes a significant contribution to the success of our economy, with a large impact on economic growth.

Scotland also has a competitive advantage in energy production and natural capital, and with COP26 being in held in Glasgow this year, 2021 will be a pivotal year for green finance in Scotland.

As we emerge from the pandemic and adjust to life outside of the EU, Scotland’s financial sector has a vital role in achieving a fair, green and inclusive recovery.

During the Scottish Finance Hustings, candidates from each party discussed the challenges and opportunities in our future. Particularly, climate change and opportunities for the sector to make a positive impact on society.

The event was hosted by Mandy Rhodes, Managing Editor, Holyrood Magazine. The hustings was introduced by Sandy Begbie, Chief Executive, Scottish Financial Enterprise.

Holyrood’s Scottish Election Hustings

Hustings are non-partisan events that bring electoral candidates together before an election. We don’t often get the opportunity to directly address our political representatives. These hustings provided an opportunity to raise the issues that matter to you on the subjects covered, at a crucial time for every political party.

Holyrood’s Hustings were an opportunity to hear candidates from Scotland’s main political parties discuss the challenges ahead and outline their party priorities. Holyrood also hosted Health, Environment and Education hustings.

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    This event is part of our 2021 Election Hustings