Transforming Scotland’s Economy

As a political issue, the economy is a hotly debated topic. However, most of public life depends upon it, from policy options to resourcing delivery of public services. At this event, we will address the current issues facing Scotland’s economy and explore the ideas that could shape its future.

Scotland is on the cusp of an economic turning point. We are on the right side of economic restrictions precipitated by the global pandemic but are yet to hit the fourth industrial revolution. We have yet to experience the full economic consequences of our ageing population, and we are still transitioning to a net zero, circular economy that prioritises people, planet and place.

How Scotland reacts to these short and long-term challenges will determine how much we can rise to them and convert crises and challenges into opportunities.

By attending this event, delegates will:

  • Get an overview and broad understanding of the National Strategy for Economic Transformation (NSET).
  • Discuss the national vision to build a “wellbeing economy” and examine the progress thus far.
  • Explore the possibilities for the economy of tomorrow in Scotland, particularly in relation to AI, digital and technology.
  • Discuss prioritising net zero and delivering green growth in a time of crisis.
  • Spotlight Scotland’s particular need to improve business start-ups and diversify its trading networks following Brexit.
  • Examine solutions to boost productivity and the importance of prioritising upskilling and re-training to ensure economic resilience.
  • Understand the need for action to focus on delivering fairer outcomes in our society and alleviating poverty, particularly in light of Scotland’s statutory child poverty targets.
  • Explore what ‘Levelling-Up’, one of the UK Government’s key policies, is and outline what it means in a Scottish context.

Join Holyrood as we discuss the ideas that will shape Scotland’s economy.

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