Cloud Services in the Public Sector 2021

The cloud has quickly become the cornerstone of public sector ICT and digital services

According to research conducted by Holyrood Connect into Cloud Services in the Public Sector, 65% of public sector organisations in Scotland have accelerated their cloud adoption strategy due to the pandemic. 

Most of the innovations and progress made over the last year has focused on the logistics of shifting to the cloud amid challenging operational circumstances. Going forward, Scotland’s public sector is well placed to build on these foundations and unlock the truly transformational elements of cloud services.

If implemented effectively, this technology can be used to innovate, boost speed and efficiency in the services we provide to our citizens and improve security protocols. However, organisations and functions across the public sector will need to work together more effectively across functions to take full advantage of these benefits. 

Cloud Services in the Public Sector

In light of these developments, Holyrood Connect is delighted to present the 2021 edition of this highly successful series. Don’t miss your chance to join our experts, share experiences and learn about the latest developments and best practice from across the globe.

If you’re interested in learning more about the use of Cloud Services during the pandemic, please also check out the on demand files from last year’s Cloud Services conference. You can also see the Scottish Government’s latest Cloud Guide for the Public Sector.

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This event is CPD certified in principle

Ross Lyon Headshot
Ross moved to Digital Directorate on the Scottish Government Cloud First Programme as Transformation Manager in March 2018. The Programme’s main aim is to promote cloud and support public organisations to move to the cloud.
Nia Lewis Headshot
Nia has helped the Scottish public sector deliver services that are more efficient to run and meet the raised expectations of today’s customers. She now helps organisations transition to working in the cloud.

Grip is our AI-powered networking platform. Delegates will be able to set up individual meetings with sponsors and fellow attendees to build new working relationships.

The pandemic led to accelerated cloud adoption across Scotland’s public sector, with most organisations now using cloud technologies. So how can we build on the foundations laid in the past year and make effective use of cloud services to fulfil the aims of the Scottish Government’s recently published Digital Strategy?

The end users of cloud services are often different from those who commissioned the service, with each group having its own goals and objectives. 

In order to maximise the potential of cloud services its vital that organisations map user needs and engage staff throughout the design process.

This session will examine best practice for design of cloud services, drawing on recent research by the Scottish Government. 

Delegates will be able to set up individual meetings with sponsors and fellow attendees to build new working relationships.

The increasing importance of the cloud to public sector digital services has led to a shift in the attack service of organisations. What are the key security issues that the public sector must consider when designing cloud services?

Join this storytelling session with Avi Rembaum and Roddy MacCallum, who will walk you through the Architectural journey in the cloud. They will discuss the challenges in transitioning workloads into the cloud and also the challenges across cloud centric technologies and solutions. In this session, you will also learn how to simplify and consolidate your transition to public cloud services weather it’s SaaS or IaaS/PaaS.

In this session we will hear from a senior public sector leader from outside Scotland on their experience with public sector cloud over the past 12 months and how they envision the role of cloud in the months and years ahead. 

Delegates will be able to connect with each other on the Grip platfrom to discuss lessons from Day 1 of the conference, as well as what they hope to learn on Day 2.

The pandemic has demonstrated the power of data-driven innovation.

Data underpinned many aspects of the public sector’s COVID responses, and the Scottish Government’s recently published Digital Strategy seeks to continue this innovation journey.

Cloud services have an important role to play in ensuring that data possessed by public sector organisations is stored and organised effectively to enable data-driven innovation. In this session we will discuss best practice for delivering data-driven innovation through the cloud.

Delegates will be able to set up individual meetings with sponsors and fellow attendees to build new working relationships.

A key concern for the public sector in relation to cloud is accessing its benefits whilst avoiding getting locked into a single supplier. In this session we will examine how organisations can employ a flexible, supplier-agnostic approach to cloud that empowers collaboration and innovation within public sector organisations.

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