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The last two years have thrown organisations head-first into the digital realm, with core sectors such as healthcare and education now incorporating digital technologies into how they deliver their services. The Scottish Government’s new digital strategy, A Changing Nation: How Scotland Will Thrive in a Digital World, published last March, is built on the core principles of collaboration, data use, skills development, citizen trust, and innovative technology. All of these components work as one towards creating a digitally-adept Scotland. This transformation of organisations across sectors requires forward-thinking approaches around these topics.

Holyrood Connect’s 8th annual flagship digital transformation event for the Scottish public sector returned for another year. The event provided delegates with the opportunity to engage with thought leaders and experts and keep abreast of the latest developments around digital transformation, ensuring that their organisations continue to thrive. Digital Transformation in the Public Sector returned on 7th June, in-person at Dynamic Earth in central Edinburgh.

Delegates heard from public sector thought leaders and industry experts on a range of topics around the digital landscape and the ongoing transformation process. Sessions of a variety of formats delved into important elements of transformation such as:

• The importance of digital infrastructure, including connectivity, interoperability, and secure platforms.
• The world of smart-working and the new aspects born from it that organisations must contend with.
• Other elements of digitisation strategy like open data, innovative technology, and sustainability.

Transforming entire organisations to thrive within this digital world takes more than ICT-focused groups. Organisations will only achieve success if all employees know how their team can support digital transformation. Sessions at Digital Transformation in the Public Sector allowed a broad range of delegates to engage in the topics at hand—from ICT to HR, business change, and finance teams.

The opening session of Digital Transformation 2022 will consist of a series of presentations by thought-leaders focused on the foundational elements necessary for successful digital transformation. Speakers will touch on a range of core topics such as the importance of connectivity, collaboration between sectors, and the human element within the process of transforming organisations. This session will provide an opportunity to examine the Scottish Government's Digital Strategy as it nears eighteen months since publication.

All breakouts will run twice and delegates will choose two breakout sessions to attend. 

10:20 - 11:00 - Breakout 1

11:00 - 11:05 - Transition

11:05 - 11:45 - Breakout 2


To capitalise on new digital opportunities and hybrid working trends that support a more digitally-adept Scotland, organisations are moving faster than ever to adopt a cloud-first strategy. As they do, the subject of SD-WAN has turned into a discussion about the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) – to ensure anyone, anywhere, can securely and seamlessly connect to the cloud and to applications.

SASE, however, is just one of the key areas to focus on when making cloud migration in the public sector a success. Join us to hear from Richard Moir, Aruba’s SD-WAN Senior Sales Engineer on:

• What factors to consider when starting the edge-to-cloud journey

• The importance of cloud security integration

• Why automation and intelligence are key

• Identification and security of IoT and cloud

The pandemic highlighted the need to transform the digital mobile working experience for thousands of frontline workers across the Scottish public sector. Perth & Kinross Council were already well under way with their Enterprise Mobility Platform, and have deployed Totalmobile technology to empower frontline workers across a broad range of disciplines. Lynne Harris and Jacquie Rogers from Perth & Kinross Council join Chris Hornung from Totalmobile to explain the vision and the reality of delivering digital transformation for frontline workers. 

How Commsworld and Capita are collaborating to enable digital Scotland

“Our commitment to work together remains as strong as ever as we work to put this strategy into practice.”

Answering the call of Scotland’s digital strategy, Commsworld and Capita are committing to working together not only to deliver digital technology – but to enable digital outcomes.

The first panel option in our split session will question how we can ensure the digitalisation process does not create more problems than it solves. Bull rushing into digital solutions can result in problems down the line, ultimately not providing organisations with the long-term digitalisation success they need. The creation of digital solutions and the transition process both need to be thoughtful and intentional. This panel session will showcase a handful of experts in a discussion about how the public sector can achieve sustainable digitalisation.

The second panel option in our split session will focus on the importance and benefits of interoperability and digital synchronisation across public sector organisations. Contributors will examine how digitalisation and cooperation between teams can achieve better quality services for the public. Our panel will ground the discussion in the case study of the Scottish healthcare system and the Scottish Government's ongoing delivery of a national digital platform.

The pandemic has created a New Normal: Remote work is now the standard rather than the exception. Meanwhile, cybercriminals have massively exploited the time of change for their attacks. However, companies and their employees are by no means defenseless against these attacks. Modern awareness training based on the latest findings from the psychology of learning effectively strengthens employees in the recognition and defense against phishing and social engineering attacks. Join our Demo to see how gamification, micro-learning modules and smart attack simulations transforms employees into a strong "human firewall". 

We now live in a different work culture compared to two years ago. Hybrid working is the new normal for organisations and businesses of all sizes. With this change, though, comes aspects needing attention. On the technical side, cloud platforms and additional security measures hold added weight in discussions. There's also a change to the human element in this new way of working that shouldn't be neglected. How can organisations ensure sustained productivity and collaboration, strong staff culture, and equity amongst team members? This session will allow delegates to engage with public sector thought leaders through a Q&A and help unpack these aspects of the new work landscape.

This session will consist of two plenary presentations from digital leaders from neighbouring nations who are farther along in the digitalisation journey. Delegates will have the opportunity to learn about the latest digital projects currently in progress and what has aided in the nation's success in digital transformation. 

In the final session of Digital Transformation 2022, we will welcome a leader working at the heart of digital transformation to give a closing keynote unpacking the vital role of digital upskilling and looking towards the future on how digital skills development will help broaden the possibilities of public sector digital transformation.

Join us for one last chance to network with colleagues with a refreshment in Dynamic Earth overlooking Arthur's Seat. 

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