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Looking Forward: Cyber Security Scotland 2023

Holyrood Connect once again returned with its massively popular annual cyber security event, Public Sector Cyber Security Scotland, on Thursday, 2 February 2023! This event acted as the premier event for public sector cyber security professionals in the lead-up to Cyber Scotland Week later in the month. The day gave delegates the opportunity to dive into the themes and topics that were individually explored in smaller events over the week, occurring from 27 February to 5 March.

Our 2023 event focused on looking forward to the future of cyber security. What looms on the horizon for public sector cyber security, and how can we best be positioned to combat it using individuals’ skills, sectoral collaboration, and innovative technology? The event provided delegates with the opportunity to hear the latest developments around security and hot topics within the sector, as well as network with leading figures, peers, and industry representatives. Throughout the day, audience members were able to include their own voices in the discussion through Question & Answer portions. Sessions of a variety of formats, including panel discussions, case studies, and plenary presentations, delved into elements such as:

  • The importance of recognising the latest cyber threats, as well as solidifying cyber resilience within an organisation.
  • Examination of the current landscape of innovative cyber security technology, and the relationship between industry and public sector when it comes to possible cutting-edge security solutions.
  • The critical need for continued development and increased investment toward closing the cyber skills gap.
  • Available resources and ongoing projects aimed at improving cyber resilience across the sector.

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Chelsea Jarvie
Chelsea is an advocate and leader with regards to diversity in digital and has been a STEM ambassador since 2012. Chelsea was named as a "Woman of the Future" by Equate Scotland in their "Leading Women of Scotland" publication.
Deryck Mitchelson
Deryck Mitchelson
Check Point

With cyber-attacks against public sector organisations continuing at a rapid pace, it is vital for professionals to understand the latest threats and the current state of the landscape within Scotland and the United Kingdom at large.

This opening session will see three leading figures within cyber security present on the newest developments around cyber threats and reflect on where Scotland sits within the larger cyber security environment.

Delegates will have the opportunity to ask questions after their presentations in a short audience Q&A, led by our event Chair.


Breakout A: From 'Auld Reekie' to Arekhawsk - When Ransomware gets Serious with Sophos

‘We all know that ransomware is the biggest threat in cybersecurity right now, but just how bad can things get and what is the best way to keep your organization secure?

Do you need to add more tools to your arsenal or can you make better use of the products you already have – join this session to find out…’ 

Breakout B: Shouldn't all Users Have the Benefit of Zero Trust Network Access? with Fortinet

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) as a technology has been well received but all too often it is associated exclusively with remote users, creating a growing divide between on- and off-premises users. As a more secure alternative to a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for accessing applications, ZTNA should be available to all users, all of the time, regardless of where or how they access the network. This session will focus on how to provide the benefits of ZTNA to all users, sometimes referred to as Universal ZTNA, as organisations work to support a secure Work From Anywhere environment.

Breakout C: Tracking Threat Actors. Who is really attacking us, and why? with Forescout

Forescout’s Vedere Labs threat research team is continuously monitoring cyber activities, attacks or vulnerabilities that impact the cybersecurity community at large. Trends clearly show how threat actors are increasingly targeting non-traditional devices (i.e., IoT and OT) to carry out attacks. In this talk, we will discuss the actors behind attacks targeting critical infrastructures and their motivation. We will also discuss how Tactics Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) have evolved in the past decade and how they will most likely look like in the near future. 

Breakout D: State of Cybercrime: New Year, New Headaches with Varonis

Erwan Creteur, Senior Sales Engineer from Varonis, will cover the latest high-profile breaches, including Okta's stolen source code and Twitter's latest woes involving a hacker selling 200M users' data. Erwan will also shine a light on the good news in CyberSecurity (Meta makes good on the Cambridge Analytics data leak).

Demozone with Check Point Software Technologies

Businesses of all sizes are under attack, hackers are getting smarter, and the cost of attacks is going up. Not having proper security is a risk you can’t afford. But with tight budgets and limited personnel, finding the right security can be an uphill battle. The good news is that with Check Point’s Harmony Email & Collaboration, you can stop more attacks than other security providers, keeping your business safe. 

Join Deryck Mitchelson, Field CISO & Scott Wright, Security Engineer, at Check Point’s Demo zone where they will demonstrate how with the help of Harmony Email & Collaboration, Check Point’s patented email security solution you can Block advanced phishing, malware and ransomware attacks before they reach the inbox & Prevents account takeover while keeping your users safe.

Delegates will choose to attend either panel A or B

On the Cutting Edge: Innovation and Collaboration Across the Cyber Sector

In the first of our split audience panel options, we will welcome a selection of thought leaders who will take part in a discussion around fostering cyber-security innovation and the importance of collaboration between industry and the public sector. The panel will delve into how further cooperation can occur between the two sectors in order to ensure all organisations are as secure as possible. Panellists will also highlight best practices of this innovation and cooperation that they know of across the United Kingdom.

Delegates will choose to attend either panel A or B

Future-Proofing the Security of the Scottish Public Sector

The second split audience panel option will focus on the progress being made in closing the cyber skills gap within the Scottish public sector. A group of industry and public sector professionals will partake in a discussion, led by our Chair, about the value of cyber skills development and upskilling professionals. Panellists will unpack how cultivating future generations of skilled workers along with ensuring current professionals are equipped with the right knowledge and skills, benefits future recruitment and retention throughout the cyber sector.

This interactive session, led by the Scottish Business Resilience Centre, will highlight the free Exercise-in-a-Box resource available to all organisations within Scotland. One of the Centre’s hackers will walk delegates through a demonstration of the service. Delegates will be able to ask questions and engage with the Scottish Business Resilience Centre hacker throughout the session.

The final panel session of the day will focus on how we can cultivate cyber resilience across the public sector. This panel discussion will utilise the health and care sector as a framework to unpack the importance of resilience within organisations. Our Chair will lead a handful of industry and public sector professionals in a discussion around what cyber resilience actually entails when it comes down to it. With the recent cyber attack hitting NHS 111, there has never been a better time to review actions taken in the face of threats and disruption.

A chance to catch up with colleagues at the end of the day over a free drink or two (beer, wine and non-alcoholic options will be available).

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