Green Recovery Image. Paint roller with grass, flowers and bees
In recovery from the pandemic, it is time to take bold and decisive action to build a resilient, circular economy that prioritises the growth of people and protects the planet.
Decrbonising Scotland Image of Electric Car being charged
Decarbonising Scotland championed the industry-leading work being done in Scotland, looking at international best-practice and how we can bridge any implementation gaps.
Renewable Energy Summit Image
Holyrood's Renewable Energy Summit heard how we can begin delivering the objectives we have set for ourselves as we pursue a Green Recovery.
Circular Economy represented in leaf with infinity sign
The goal of the circular economy is to create a society where nothing is wasted. This event will consider what's next in our pursuit of a circular economy in Scotland.
As part of COP26 this year, Holyrood will host Fringe events running Wednesday 3rd – Saturday 6th November from Platform, Glasgow.
Free to attend
This event will focus on maximizing the opportunities of implementing a just transition to an emissions-free future to enhance wealth and job creation whilst also fundamentally restoring the natural environment. 
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