Holyrood Connect Week 2022

Holyrood’s Connect Week returned for its second year running. This year, the week begun with our in-person Public Sector Cloud conference at Dynamic Earth Edinburgh, and then moved online for a series of engaging webinars set across two mornings. These webinars focused on various topics at the heart of the Scottish digital landscape and delved into the topics rooted in this calendar year’s Connect portfolio of events, including Public Sector Cyber Security Scotland, Public Sector Data Summit, Digital Transformation and more.

Focus areas across the two days included:
• digital connectivity and infrastructure
• cloud security
• digital inclusion and skills
• the roles and ramifications of artificial intelligence and machine learning

Through engaging sessions of various formats, Connect Week 2022 allowed public and third sector professionals to keep abreast of the latest developments within the space and gain a better understanding of future trends. Delegates heard from thought leaders and industry experts and had the opportunity to engage with them through audience Q&As. Speakers and panellists brought a breadth of experience and insight and offered technical and user-centric perspectives.

The first webinar in our Connect Week series will centre on future-proofing cities through digital connectivity via technologies like 5G and the Internet of Things. In this webinar, subject leaders from the Scottish public sector will explore the importance of driving change around digital infrastructure and the ways we can achieve cutting-edge digital connectivity.

The second of our Connect Week webinars will focus on the vital need for widespread digital inclusion across Scotland, as well as the growing demand for further digital skills development. This webinar will delve into the interconnected relationship between access to devices and growth of digital skills well beyond basic use. Public sector leaders in this sphere will gather for a discussion around the progress made in the last year, and what still needs improvement.

With hybrid working now the norm, security needs have changed. 69% of organisations have suffered a cybersecurity incident as a result of remote or hybrid working. In Connect Week’s third webinar, delegates will learn some of the key threats and market trends from industry experts, as well as hear about real-life best practice case studies from public sector professionals. The hour will begin with opening remarks from our sponsor, before turning it over to a local authority leader who will dive into their own council’s case study. Afterwards, delegates will have the opportunity to ask the group their own questions during a Q&A and discussion portion.

The fourth Connect Week webinar will explore the power of people in the growing use of technology solutions. While the Scottish public sector continues to drive towards digital transformation, it is vital to recognise that services alone cannot solve all issues. Instead, organisations need to find a balance between technology solutions and uniquely human skills. This hour-long webinar will begin with a short presentation from a Sophos representative, setting the scene for why humans cannot be made redundant, specifically in cyber threat management. A selection of public sector leaders will then join them to engage in a panel discussion on the topic. The floor will be open to any and all delegates who would wish to ask the panel questions regarding the role of people in maximising service delivery.

Join the experts from NCC Group in sharing the story of how a collaborative team from public and private sector departments came together (almost on a war footing) to bring order to chaos. Together they helped set the security strategy for Test & Trace before later assuring and stress testing the Test & Trace NHS app and other software/technologies such as cloud. One of the finest examples of collaboration amongst industry in modern times. Representatives from NCC will present on this case study and then pivot to how they're further securing UKHSA today and for the future. Alongside a public sector professional, they will partake in a short audience Q&A afterwards.

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      7 Dec 2022 9:00 am
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      8 Dec 2022 12:00 pm
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