Public Sector Cloud 2023

Holyrood Connect was delighted to announce the return of its annual Public Sector Cloud event, held on 12 September 2023 at Dynamic Earth in central Edinburgh.

It is imperative that public sector organisations across Scotland reflect on where they stand in their own cloud migration and in relation to future strategies for the whole sector.

Public Sector Cloud 2023 provided an opportunity for a wide range of like-minded professionals to connect in person, exchange ideas, and learn from each other.

Delegates heard from thought leaders and had the opportunity to ask questions, join the discussion, and learn from real-life experiences with cloud migration and maturity.

The sessions allowed delegates to explore relevant topics, as we recognise that moving organisations to cloud services requires more than an IT transformation, and instead a business-wide transformation.

Through keynote addresses, panel discussions, interactive masterclasses, and case study presentations, delegates gained insight into:

  • The progress made within cloud technologies and what’s next for the Scottish public sector
  • The skills required to transition to cloud systems
  • The complexities found as cloud journeys advance
  • The shifting security needs of cloud systems
  • The various applications of cloud systems beyond digital data storage.

Public Sector Cloud 2023 also featured an exhibition, which provided an opportunity for delegates to explore relevant solutions for their organisations.


View all photos from the event here.

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Head of IT Enablement
Digital Transformation Strategist
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Product Manager - Cloud First
Ross moved to Digital Directorate on the Scottish Government Cloud First Programme as Transformation Manager in March 2018. The Programme’s main aim is to promote cloud and support public organisations to move to the cloud.

For many public sector organisations, resourcing, knowledge and skills can be a major obstacle when it comes to transitioning to the cloud.

So what should you do when your existing hosting environment is shutting down or is no longer fit for purpose, or your applications need to be migrated to the cloud?

Hear about the Scottish Government’s Cloud platform service and how it can help your organisation to alleviate resourcing pressures, access skills and experience, migrate to a better space, and benefit from enhanced security.

*please note that each masterclass will run twice, allowing delegates to attend two from 11:00 - 11:30 and 11:35 - 12:05.

Modernising Your Legacy Databases into the Public Cloud
with Cintra

Many organisations have difficulty quickly assessing their legacy technology platforms for modernisation. They feel locked into vendors, are burdened by technical and commercial debt, and find it challenging to fully understand their modernisation potential.

Cintra works with Public Sector organisations of all shapes and sizes in helping them break free of the chains of their technical legacy and modernise into the Public Cloud. Working with AWS, we have developed a fully funded Partner Programme to help your organisation plot a pathway to a clear and viable Public Cloud Migration Strategy.

In this session, Cintra will set out the assessment program, what it means for you, and the benefits to be expected by its results.

*please note that each masterclass will run twice, allowing delegates to attend two from 11:00 - 11:30 and 11:35 - 12:05.

Out with the Old... in with the New: A Modern Network for a Cloud-First World
with Netskope

Speeding up connectivity whilst ensuring strong security - the Holy Grail for IT Leaders. For public sector organisations, trusts and bodies to successfully modernise and take advantage of cloud services and applications, IT leaders and practitioners must embrace a zero trust strategy that best starts with a ZTNA project. This live 'how-to' session will share seven 'SASE' strategies to help you on your zero trust journey and retire your VPN for good.

Join Netskope's Rich Davis for a clear, how-to guide to modernising your remote access from legacy VPN to cloud-friendly, remote working-friendly, zero trust network access. We will apply best practices to decommission legacy remote access infrastructure - live - freeing your organisation to embrace the benefits of the cloud!

Join this session to learn:

- How to build a strong plan for network and security transformation, without adding to the chaos.
- How to modernise security tools and investments to enhance network performance.
- Prioritise and rationalisation tactics that can help quickly reduce and report on risk.
- Critical use cases to prioritise that deliver tactical value and efficiency today.

*please note that each masterclass will run twice, allowing delegates to attend two from 11:00 - 11:30 and 11:35 - 12:05.

Achieving Unified Data Resilience
with Seric and Arcserve

Seric and Arcserve understand the continued challenges organisations face in meeting the digital demands of their stakeholders. The move to cloud while maintaining legacy platforms, the pressure on budgets, and the constant threat of disruption to service operations, all create constant flux and management complexities.

So whether you need solutions that are cloud-based, on-premises, or hybrid, Arcserve's comprehensive platform offers an integrated suite of data protection, disaster recovery, and backup solutions designed with simplicity and scale in mind, to help you achieve one goal: your business success.

Seric and Arcserve work across multiple industries and sectors, pragmatically assessing and guiding our clients to work in collaboration to deliver simple platforms within budget and on time, and to deliver a consistent and dependable IT service.

Bridging the Gap: Mitigating Risk and Managing Compliance Across On-Prem, Cloud and Hybrid Environments
with Runecast

The journey to and adoption of cloud technologies offers a substantial opportunity for Public Sector organisations, but also introduces a measure of risk. A lift and shift is rarely possible, and teams are left managing complex hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure in an ever evolving threat and compliance landscape. 

This session will demonstrate how organisations are using Runecast to bridge the gap, building unified compliance frameworks, Hybrid Security Best Practices and embracing automation and monitoring, achieving greater stability, compliance posture management and real time vulnerability awareness and remediation. 

Hear what organisational transformation and the cloud journey are really like. Our speakers will delve into the specific skills development which was required within their organisation, as well as how they achieved buy-in from key stakeholders and leadership teams on adopting this new way of working.

Is your organisation ready to adopt cloud services? What is required to make this transition, and how do you keep your data secure?

Hear real-life examples of migration to cloud services, demonstrating what the maturity journey is really like and the valuable lessons learnt during this transition. 

Security must be a central focus for every cloud system. Our panellists will explore the various ways in which you can ensure that your organisations’s data is kept safe and secure, and what some of the latest challenges and dangers are in ensuring the implementation of a secure cloud system. 

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