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Taking place for the 11th year running, Holyrood Connect announced the in-person return of its hugely popular Digital Health and Care Scotland conference.

2021 has been another incredibly challenging year for those working in the sector. Holyrood Connect’s Digital Health and Care Scotland conference provided delegates with an opportunity to explore how digital technology can help re-build and remobilise our health and care system and, eventually, support the shift from crisis mode to a system focused on prevention, early intervention and self-management.

The event followed the publication of the Scottish Government’s refreshed Digital Health and Care Strategy in October 2021 and included discussions on many of the issues incorporated in it, from digital exclusion and citizen choice to data use and artificial intelligence.

We would like to thank our advisory board who are supporting the development of the agenda: –

  • Dr Margaret Whoriskey, Head of Technology Enabled Care and Digital Healthcare Innovation at the Scottish Government
  • Professor George Crooks, Chief Executive of the Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre
  • Alyson Scurfield, Chief Executive, TSA
  • Dr Donald Macaskill, Chief Executive, Scottish Care

You can watch the on demand recordings of the event NOW!

If you are interested in watching any of the on-demand content from last year’s event too, you can do so here.

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Prof. Lesley Holdsworth OBE PhD FCSP FWCT FFCI
Scottish Government
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Fiona Strachan
Innovative Healthcare Delivery Programme, University of Edinburgh
Nicola Cooper
Scottish Care
Scott Calder
Emma Broom
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Juliette Murray
National Centre for Sustainable Delivery
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David Cole
South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust
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Julie King
Royal College of Occupational Therapists Scotland
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Jillian Mackie
NHS Lothian
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Simon Fitzpatrick
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Yvonne Lawton
West Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership
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Clare Morrison
Royal Pharmaceutical Society
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Prof. Nicholas Mills
University of Edinburgh
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Dr Simon Rogers
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Danny Kelly
Prof. Shafi Ahmed
The Royal London Hospital
Daniel Hinchley
CareFlow Medicines Management
Morag Hearty
Scottish Government
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Prof. David Lowe
Queen Elizabeth University Hospital / West of Scotland Innovation Hub
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Imme Jones
Scottish Government
Jim Docherty
NHS Highland
Chris Mackie
Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland
Dr Margaret Whoriskey
Scottish Government
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Carmen Paputa-Dutu
Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland
Greig Thomson
Big Health
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Moira Mackenzie
Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre (DHI)
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Angus Honeysett
Tunstall Healthcare (UK) Ltd
Lucille Whitehead
Tunstall Healthcare (UK) Ltd
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Jess Henderson
National Centre for Sustainable Delivery
Dr John Thomson
National Centre for Sustainable Delivery
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Colin Jarvis
everyLIFE Technologies
Lucy Fraser
Albyn Housing Society
Dr Stephen Matthew Carty
NHS Lothian
Dr Simon Bradstreet
Matter of Focus
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Gordon Mole
Fife Council
Lorna Gibbs
Scottish Government
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Prof. George Crooks OBE MBChB FRCP FRCGP
Digital Health and Care Innovation Centre
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Tony McCandless
Blue Prism Ltd
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Geraldine Begg
Scottish Federation of Housing Associations
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Dr Donald Macaskill
Scottish Care
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Alyson Scurfield
TEC Services Association (TSA)
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Christopher Wroath
NHS Education for Scotland
Humza Yousaf MSP
The Scottish Government
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Atul Anand
University of Edinburgh
Pennie Taylor
Aaron Slater
Jonathan Cameron
Scottish Government
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David Hancock
Linda Bauld
The University of Edinburgh
Mandy Rhodes
Holyrood Communications

In a series of 40-minute interactive breakout sessions, delegates will gain key insights into the applications of the latest innovative solutions delivered by leading experts in the field.   

Delegates will select two of the three sessions to attend. 

Breakout A | Supporting Scotland's world-class digital mental health care offering using evidence-based digital solutions - Daylight and Sleepio 

In October, the Scottish Government announced an expanded relationship with Big Health to offer Sleepio and Daylight, Big Health’s digital therapeutics for insomnia and anxiety, respectively, to all Scottish adults through their NHS services. During this presentation, UK Engagement Manager Greig Thomson will provide a product overview, share how GPs and patients can access these digital therapeutics, and provide an update on the relationship, including the Scottish Government’s impressive implementation teams. Learn more about how the Scottish Government is proactively addressing the mental health crisis by integrating evidence-based digital therapeutics for mental health into the standard of care.  

With: Greig Thomson, Engagement Manager, Big Health 

Breakout B | Managing Controlled Drug Records with CareFlow CD Manager 

Explore the benefits of the most comprehensive controlled drug management system available in the UK, designed by NHS and healthcare staff for use in all areas where controlled drugs are stored, including pharmacy, wards and theatres. CareFlow CD Manager permits significant time savings by releasing staff from laborious drug searches, stock anomaly resolution and ongoing paper churn. Join us to discover the system’s capabilities including:

• Management of patient’s own drug stock and ward stock in the same location 

• Manufacturing and destruction workflows included in the pharmacy register 

• Dashboard for organisation-wide management and reporting 

• Location indicator for stock discrepancies 

• Identification of controlled drug resupply requirements 

• In-built home office reporting 

With: Daniel Hinchley, Business Development Manager, CareFlow Medicines Management 

Breakout C | Improving Hospital Processes Through Clinical Communications with Vocera 

Serving a population of over 350,000, Southern Eastern Trust covers all acute, community, mental health, and social care provisions in three large acute hospitals and several community hospitals in Northern Ireland. Since 2009, the Trust has made significant investments in Vocera clinical communication and workflow solutions to ensure staff are able to communicate effectively to improve patient care and staff safety. Vocera technology is aligned to key hospital processes including, patient flow, theatre throughput, junior doctor management, discharge coordination, critical alerts, major incidents and more. Staff use a handsfree Vocera badge or the Vocera app to communicate by name, role, or group with simple voice commands. The Trust has also integrated the bed exit and nurse call systems to ensure patient needs are addressed as quickly as possible, whilst reducing the distractions of ceaseless alerts and alarms across the ward. 

With: David Cole, Clinical Communications Manager, South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust 

Transforming PICU care with digital diaries

Join Fujitsu to see how they developed, in partnership with Evelina London Children's Hospital, a Digital Diary to support patients in their PICU wards. Built  on the Microsoft Cloud for Health Platform during the COVID-19 pandemic,  it allows families to connect with their sick children and provides a means for patients to document their hospital experience.

The app was co-created using Fujitsu’s co-creation approach using agile methodologies to create a successful pilot for clinical staff, patients and their families.  Join us on this demonstration to see how it is used in this setting and to learn how it can be adapted for other use cases in Health and Social Care. 


The Role of Digital in Supporting the Workforce

Delegates will choose to attend one panel (A, B, or C) to explore an area of interest with expert speakers.

Digital technology is going to play a key role in re-building and remobilising our health and social care system. In this session, we will look at how digital solutions can support more efficient ways of working, speed up every day processes and improve productivity. 

Improving Data Interoperability and Standards

Delegates will choose to attend one panel (A, B, or C) to explore an area of interest with expert speakers.

Many health and care staff continue to feel restricted by an inability to exchange data effectively between different systems and software.

With a Data Strategy for Health and Social Care forthcoming and work underway to establish a new National Care Service, we will discuss how data interoperability is being considered within both contexts and how ambitions to improve interoperability and standards can be achieved.  

Tackling Digital Exclusion Within the Health and Care Sector

Delegates will choose to attend one panel (A, B, or C) to explore an area of interest with expert speakers.

Despite our increased reliance on technology over the past two years, there are still many people in Scotland who are digitally excluded. If our health and care system is to be equitable and accessible for all, we need to address this issue with a sense of urgency. Here, our panellists will discuss how we can do this, from improving skills and building confidence, to ensuring access to devices.

Understanding and Addressing the Societal Challenge

Service Innovations Case Studies – Using Data Insights

Technical Innovations Case Studies – Data Applications

Future View - Expanding and Engaging the Innovation Community

This session will look at the challenge of managing ageing and frailty especially within the context of the Edinburgh City and South East Scotland (ECSES) region and its City Deal Data Driven Innovation Programme. It will consider: current work to scope and understand the landscape; showcase examples of service and technical intervention and innovation; and highlight a long-term call for engagement with a wider programme of innovation in the region.

Better Services, Better Lives: Managing Health and Wellbeing at Home

Delegates will choose to attend one panel (A, B, or C) to explore an area of interest with expert speakers.

The right homes, equipped with the right technology, can enable independent living and healthy ageing and, ultimately, slow down progression to more formal services. As we look to shift towards more proactive and preventative models of care, this session will focus on how we can ensure more people are appropriately supported at home through the provision of digital services.


Data and AI: Understanding the Value and Seizing Opportunities

Delegates will choose to attend one panel (A, B, or C) to explore an area of interest with expert speakers.

Following publication of the Scottish Government’s AI strategy, and in advance of Scotland’s first Data Strategy for Health and Social Care, our panellists will consider how we can unlock the value of health and care data; improve collection and analysis; and the role AI can play in detecting and managing health conditions.  

Citizen trust and control is at the heart of both strategies and will, therefore, underpin this discussion. 

Our hospitals are familiar with the challenges of delayed discharge and surgery waiting lists. However, the pandemic has significantly exacerbated these issues and highlighted a need for new methods to handle them. This session will look specifically at how technology can help reduce surgery backlogs and delayed discharge figures and support a smooth transition from inpatient hospital care to a more appropriate setting.

Delegates will choose to attend one panel (A, B, or C) to explore an area of interest with expert speakers.

A deeper look at CareFlow CD Manager

Join CMM’s Dan Hinchley again to get a more detailed run through of CareFlow CD Manager’s capabilities and have your chance to ask more technical questions.

Leaders from across Scotland’s health and social care sectors will come together to reflect on the key messages that have come out of the two-day conference and discuss how stakeholders can work together to support the successful transition from policy to reality.

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