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Holyrood Connect’s 12th annual Digital Health and Care conference returned to Edinburgh on 21 and 22 February 2023.     

The event brought together health and social care professionals from across the country to explore how digital solutions can help in the recovery and remobilisation of the NHS and social care system as we learn to live with COVID-19.    

As always, the event explored the most exciting developments taking place across the digital health and social care landscape – including the new Data Strategy for Health and Social Care. We also celebrated the next generation of Digital Health & Care Innovators with the presentation of the 2022 Scottish #DigiInventors Challenge winners! 

Delegates had the chance to: 

  • Network with stakeholders working across health, social care and housing, including policymakers and industry partners 
  • Engage with experts during panel discussions, breakouts and demo zones  
  • Expand their understanding of digital solutions and develop professionally with the potential for accredited CPD certification   

We were pleased to develop the agenda with input from our advisory group:   

  • Dr Margaret Whoriskey, Head of Technology Enabled Care and Digital Healthcare Innovation at the Scottish Government 
  • Professor George Crooks, Chief Executive of the Digital Health and Care Innovation Centre 
  • Alyson Scurfield, Chief Executive of TSA 
  • Dr Donald Macaskill, Chief Executive of Scottish Care   

This event was CPD certified in principle by The CPD Standards Office.


All sessions from this year’s event are now available to watch on-demand. Simply click the red ‘Watch On Demand Now’ button on the right.


You can find all the photos from this year’s conference and awards on our Flickr.

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Hear about some industry priorities for Digital Health and Care

Join us to hear from two experienced GPs as they share perspectives on reducing the burden and transforming primary care.

Dr Emma Broughton and Dr Ravi Tomar will explore some of the solutions and considerations for decision-makers when looking to simplify workload, unlock capacity and help people to feel seen.

Insights from YHEC's health economic evaluation will also explain the potential impact of intelligent technologies in the creation of collaborative and equitable models of care that improve triage and manage patient flow, without overwhelming primary care teams.

Join us to hear David Jones, a nurse of 30 years, discuss the challenges faced by the NHS and how introducing Clinical Communication and Workflow solutions can protect staff, promote well-being, and improve patient safety. He will demonstrate how a good strategy for clinical communications can give back time to staff, how it can improve hospital processes, and how it will help address the main challenges faced by staff across the NHS. This session will include a live demonstration of how this technology can reduce staff pressures.

Join us to hear the UK national voice in delivering proactive and preventative integrated community services to improve the lives of people our communities. Alyson Scurfield, Chief Executive of TEC Services Association, the UK TEC Enabled Care sector body, will explore policy drivers through to strong implementation. The session will include the voice of lived experience, the power of co-production, quality standards and insights on how to develop and retain top talent and foster a culture of collaboration and innovation.

Discover how speech recognition technology is revolutionising the way healthcase professionals work. We will demonstrate how you can reduce administrative tasks by half - freeing up clinical time to help alleviate the burden of limited resources and growing patient lists. Learn from industry experts and see the technology in action during this interactive breakout session. Don't miss out on the opportunity to discover how speech recognition can improve patient care in the NHS. Join us to explore the future of speech recognition in healthcare technology.

It is estimated that around 2 million people in Scotland have at least one long-term health condition, many of which result in regular hospital visits or other forms of care.

In this session, we will consider how technology can be used to support people to self-manage and co-manage their long-term conditions, in order to reduce emergency admissions through proactive interventions and improved care coordination. Delegates will also hear how virtual wards are being used across the UK to support early discharge while optimising long-term condition management.

In 2020, approximately one million people in Scotland were aged sixty-five or older. By 2040, this figure is expected to rise to 1.4 million. With these figures in mind, it is vital that we take steps now to encourage and support healthy ageing, and to prevent and manage frailty. 

Panel B will focus on the role that digital solutions can play here and consider the importance of co-design and co-production. 

From motivation and trust to confidence and cost, there are many reasons why some groups and communities in Scotland are - or are at greater risk of becoming - digitally excluded. Although great strides were made to address such barriers during the pandemic, a digital divide remains, and there is a risk that the current cost of living crisis may exacerbate it.

In this session, our panellists will discuss how we can tackle digital exclusion and share examples of programmes already making a difference in the care, housing and health sectors. 

In our final panel of the day, we'll be discussing how we can better equip our health and social care workforce with the digital skills that will allow for the successful uptake and use of digital technologies. At a time of great pressure, we will consider how we can improve access to digital skills initiatives and learning, what cultural changes may be required, and the roles of leaders, individuals, and organisations respectively.

Case Study 1 - Scotland's Vaccinations Clinical Datastore

In this talk, Anna and Daniel will tell the story of Scotland’s Vaccinations Clinical Datastore built on the National Digital Platform. They will discuss the technologies used to build it and how solid data structure facilitated interoperability, innovation and giving citizens access to their COVID-19 vaccination information. Most notably, centralising vaccinations data, scaling for population-level traffic and expanding vaccinations beyond COVID response. Finally, they will touch on how the data model supports making individualised data available for cohort scheduling, uptake, reporting, and informed decision making at population health level. 

This talk is for anyone interested in:

Cloud technology
Data in health and care
Digital responses to COVID
Service transformation


With the Scottish Government shortly due to publish its Health and Social Care Data Strategy, now is the ideal time to think about how we are - and should be - gathering, storing and using peoples’ health and care data. 

Join our panel as we discuss: how to embed ethical and human rights approaches to such practices; and reduce risks associated with data and digital technology, particularly in relation to privacy and autonomy.

Improving interoperability and standards is key if we are to truly unlock the potential of data and respond appropriately to individual and population health needs.

In partnership with InterSystems, Panel B will explore how we can drive forward these improvements whilst increasing efficiency and quality, and ensuring patient safety. 

This session will aim to educate the audience on how Doccla's technology-enabled virtual ward is connecting patients to clinical care from their place of residence.

Join the Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre as they celebrate the next generation of Digital Health & Care Innovators.

We are delighted to host the presentation of the 2022 Scottish #DigiInventors Challenge trophy and prizes to the winning team: The T1D Trailblazers from Robert Burns Academy in East Ayrshire. It will be a great chance to celebrate the next generation of digital innovators, learn more about their winning idea and hear what their next steps will be.

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